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  • Quitline Iowa Quitline Iowa is a toll-free, statewide smoking cessation telephone counseling hotline. Trained counselors provide callers with information about the health consequences of tobacco use, assistance in making an individualized quit plan, and on-going support through optional follow-up calls.

  • Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids A leading force in the fight to reduce tobacco use and its deadly toll in the United States and around the world. We advocate for public policies proven to prevent kids from smoking, help smokers quit and protect everyone from secondhand smoke. Learn more about our key initiatives.

  • Iowa Dept. of Public Health - Tobacco Use Prevention and Control Programs, events, master tobacco settlement agreement, publications and fact sheets, statistics.

  • Smoking Drug Abuse.gov From NIDA. Fact sheets, research reports, news, and other resources.

  • Tobacco.org: Tobacco News and Information News, quotes, resources, links, tobacco history

  • Smoking and Tobacco Usefrom the CDC Site with tobacco information for all ages. Includes Surgeon General's tobacco reports, data, statistics and fact sheets, cessation information, educational materials, and campaigns and events.

  • The American Lung Association State of Tobacco Control 2016 The American Lung Association has released its annual State of Tobacco Control report grading all 50 states on their policies to reduce tobacco addiction, diseases and death. Find out if your state has the policies in place to get the job done.

  • American Cancer Society Smoking health issues, public issues, quitting smoking, the Great American Smokeout, smoking-related cancers.

  • National Cancer Institute Valuable cancer-related health information. Tobacco, smoking and cessation Fact sheets.

  • Smokefree.gov Offers science-driven tools, information, and support proven effective in helping smokers quit. Find state and national resources, free materials, and the best quitting advice the National Cancer Institute (NCI) has to offer.

  • TobaccoFree.org Organization aims is to educate people of all ages about smoking and tobacco use.

  • Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights Information on secondhand smoke, smoke free advocacy, tobacco industry information, and current nonsmokers campaigns



  • Smokers Who Use E-Cigarettes Not More Likely to Quit, Study Suggests 
    A study of smokers finds those who also use e-cigarettes are no more likely to quit smoking after a year, compared with smokers who don’t use the devices
  • E-Cigarettes Pose Risks
     “Nicotine is an incredibly addicting drug,” said Susan Marsiglia Gray, M.P.H., National Synar Program Coordinator in SAMHSA's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. “We see that most people using e-cigarettes are ‘dual users,’ meaning they are using traditional tobacco products and e-cigarettes, possibly exposing them to even greater levels of nicotine. And with youth, the appeal of fruit and candy flavoring is luring some to get their first taste of nicotine through e-cigarettes.” 
  • E-cigarette vapor, even when nicotine-free, found to damage lung cells
    With the use of e-cigarettes on the rise, especially among young people, research to uncover the health effects of e-cigs is becoming increasingly important. In a new study, researchers find that e-cig solution and vapors—even those that are nicotine-free—damage lung health 
  • Vapor Tanks
    Trendy vapor tanks muscling into e-cigarette sales