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The Meth Project
The Meth Project is a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing first-time meth use through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach

Methamphetmine Facts
From Above the Influence.

National Indian County Methamphetamine Initiative
There are lots of cool things about being native. Meth isn't one of them. An anti-methamphetamine ad campaign for a Native American audience. Facts, news.

Meth Awareness
A USDOJ site that includes a images of meth, meth labs, photos of users, effect on users, more.

Just Think Twice
A youth oriented site created by the DEA's Demand Reduction Program.

In The Know Zone: Amphetamine
Comprehensive site with amphetamine photos, history, Statistics, Street Names

KCI; The Anti- Meth Site
Midwest HIDTA site with national trends in use, items used in meth labs, slang names, long term effects, prevention and treatment sites, FAQs, warning signs of living near a meth lab, hotlines, chat room, more.

Life or Meth Web Site
Sponsored by the Midwest HIDTA. Includes interactive program, Life or Meth: What's the Cost?, that was created for youth in grades 5 and 6, but the information is good for all ages.

Rural Assistance Center
Methamphetamine information for rural areas

Mothers Against Methamphetamine
Provides competent drug education and rehabilitation resources.


Meth Lab Dangers - What Every Property Owner & Renter Should Know-youtube video
Most of the methamphetamine abused in this country comes from foreign or domestic super-labs, although it can also be made in small, illegal laboratories, where its production endangers the people in the labs, neighbors, and the environment.

Methamphetamine Lab Cleanup Guidelines (IDPH)

Methamphetamine Abuse in Iowa (Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy)

Iowa Pseudoephedrine Control Laws

NIDA Drugs of Abuse; Methamphetamine
Collection of Research reports, Infofacts, Notes, monographs, news

Methamphetamine - NIDA InfoFacts

Tips for Teens - The Truth About Methamphetamines
SAMHSA fact sheet - This is available in the ISAIC Store!

The Costs of Methamphetamine Use: A National Estimate
Rand Research Brief 2009

Yaba - fact sheet from Center for Substance Abuse Research

Tools for Combating Meth
Toolkit containing guidebooks addressing issues such as clandestine drug labs, drug dealing in open-air markets and privately owned apartment complexes and identity theft.

Methamphetamine Across America: Misconceptions, Realities and Solutions
Written for a general audience and addresses the principles of addiction treatment and the importance of treatment duration. Also includes recommendations for prevention and law enforcement.

Methamphetamine Use: Lessons Learned
This NCJRS report provides an overview of the methamphetamine problem in the United States. It looks at the history of the problem, trends in use, characteristics of users, adverse effects, trafficking and production and treatment issues. The analysis relies on extensive review of extant literature on the drug, analysis of existing datasets relevant to methamphetamine use, and conversations with law enforcement treatment, and government personnel dealing with the problem.

Spanish language publications available from SAMHSA:
La Metanfetamina: Información General
La Metanfetamina: Cuáles son las señales de los laboratorios de meth?
La Metanfetamina: Cuáles son los riesgos de vivir cerca de un laboratorio de meth?