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Cocaine Addiction


Cocaine Facts
Information for teens from AbovetheInfluence.com.

Information for teens from KidsHealth.

Information on stimulants- cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, amphetamines, ritalin, and adderall- from NIDA for teens.

Comprehensive information from NIDA 

In The Know Zone: Cocaine
Syndistar site with cocaine information, images, statistics, street names, history, cocaine and the brain, short and long-term effects.

Mind Over Matter: Cocaine
Cocaine information for teens from NIDA.


Tips for Teens: The Truth About Cocaine (SAMHSA) - fact sheet

NIDA InfoFacts: Crack and Cocaine (En Español) (NIDA)

Cocaine and the Teen Brain.  NIDA for Teens.

What is Cocaine? educational fact sheet from the Florida Alcohol & Drug Abuse Association

The Brain and the Actions of Cocaine, Opiates, and Marijuana - The effect of drugs and the complex chemical interactions in the brain. Slide teaching packet for health practitioners, teachers and neuroscientists.