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Vaporizing Alcohol

Vaporizing Alcohol

In 2003 and 2004, a popular trend was to "smoke" your alcohol to get drunk or use "AWOL" (Alcohol Without Liquid), a device that was eventually banned in the United States.  This trend is re-emerging on college campuses as a way to get drunk.  

Called “drunkorexia’” some teens see this as a way to limit their calories, while still enjoy the effects of alcohol.  They believe that by vaporizing alcohol, they will not take in any calories.  But in truth, there are still calories involved when you vaporize alcohol.  

People have described that they experience the effects of the alcohol vapors almost immediately. However, the risks are significant and can be deadly. Those who smoke alcohol are more likely to overdose on alcohol and get “alcohol poisoning”. Normally, as people drink and become more intoxicated, they vomit -- the body's way of ridding itself from the excess alcohol that cannot be processed.  It is the body's way of preventing an overdose. But, when alcohol bypasses the stomach and live r– as in “smoking” alcohol–  and goes straight to the brain, there is no effective way to get rid of it. Once your brain has absorbed the ethanol, there is no way to expel it from your system.


Myth: Teens and adults think it can help them lose weight because they are not drinking.

         Fact: Regardless you are consuming calories.

Myth: If I smoke my alcohol, it won't be on my breath and it's in my lungs, so I won't get a DUI.

          Fact: It's in their lungs, so it's on their breath and in their blood stream. So you can get a DUI             from it.

Myth: I'm not 21, but I'm not "drinking" alcohol, so it isn't illegal.

         Fact: No matter how you consume alcohol it is illegal if you are under 21.

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